Mother+Daughter Moments on the Subway

Last week I witnessed a sweet moment between a mother and her daughter on the subway while on my way into work. I remember observing them and thinking how refreshing it was to see a kid that age (presumably around 10) be so affectionate with their parent. It was early in the morning, so they were both a bit sleepy, the daughter more so than the mom, and were taking a moment of calm before continuing on with what I imagine (as a fellow New Yorker) would have been a very busy day.

Soon after I began experiencing the "Baader-Meinhof phenomenon." I'm sure you've all experienced it before - when you become aware of something new and then it keeps popping up everywhere you look? A few days after my first mother-daughter drawing, I saw another ... and another!

Each time I felt honored and privileged to be privy to their moment together. It was incredibly calming to draw each pair - more calming than I usually get when I'm in my "drawing zone." I think their tenderness was contagious :)

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