rainy day

If any of you were in New York on Monday you were probably awestruck by the amount of rain that fell. There were puddles I had to cross on my way to work that were nearly the height of my galoshes, so I had to carefully wade through them so as not to have any of the water slosh up and into my boots. The rain fell so heavily that in some subway stations, water was cascading down the stairwells (I'm not exaggerating). I'm sure my fellow New Yorkers were eager to get home after a very gloomy and wet day. Once I was home and (finally) dry, I decided to draw a little scene honoring the day's commute.

Happy Drawing!

Girl wearing yellow raincoat, blue and white polka-dotted tights, green galoshes, and holding grey umbrella standing on a subway platform while rain pours down on and around her.

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